Industry and architecture come together to give shape to MetalKit.

We strive for the functional nature and integration of our products into the spaces to which they will belong.

Designs tailored to the needs of the place and to the people at whom the products will be targeted so they can use and enjoy them.

Avanz Bench

A unique design which is intended for resting in urban environments such as parks, gardens, schools, etc.

V-Noi Bike Rack

Functional and easy to make suitable for any place. Available in several colours so you can choose the desired combination.

Lo Shelves

Versatile and functional. They are suitable for any business space, creating a modern and simple environment.


Guaranteed fun for the littlest ones with our jungle animal-themed benches…

Dial Tree Guard

Tree protection in urban environments.


They make children’s spaces colourful and fun. Combine them to create the desired shape.

Metric Fence

As it is easy to assemble, and given its shape and design, it can be made suitable for any public or private environment.

V-Noi Wall Bench

Ideal for places with long waits such as train and underground stations, bus stops, etc.

Lo Desk

Modern and functional. Designed with two materials that complement each other perfectly: metal and wood.